TurboPad™ 2

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We have upgraded our original “hand-secured” bowling ball microfiber CBS TurboPad™ 2 (Patent Pending).  It now has dual-sided interchangeable microfiber towel pads that can be attached or detached from our engineered vinyl shell to assist your total bowling ball surface maintenance. Each towel pad is design with a 4-ply structure for durability. Our engineers have worked hard at providing a cool sleek design for bowlers like you.  Your bowling colleagues will do a double take when watching you on the lanes.

Our CBS TurboPad™ 2 replaces the use of bowling ball towels and cumbersome towel mitts.  It is designed to securely fit on your non-bowling hand during bowling (always ready to remove oil off your bowling ball when standing at the approach on the lanes).  It can also be used off the lanes when cleaning, polishing and resurfacing your bowling ball.

Each TurboPad™ 2 includes a dual-sided towel pad attached. 


This is the ultimate ball maintenance accessory!

You now have your choice of 4 colors to match with your bowling attire! (Black, Red, White & Blue)


Save more when you choose the Twin, Double, Triple or Quad pack!


Make sure to include additional replacement pads to complete your total ball maintenance setup.

Use one pad while bowling on the lanes
(Extend the towel pad usage by reverse the pad when a new clean surface is needed before washing)


Use one towel pad while cleaning your bowling ball and one when applying approved polish

If you have any Abralon pads, you can attached it to the TurboPad 2 shell (once you remove the microfiber pad) to change the surface of your bowling ball.



  • Eliminates the need to place your towel on bowling ball racks, tables, etc.

  • Easy to place on your hand and remove (Glove-like fit)

  • 4-Ply microfiber material absorbs more oil and dirt from bowling ball than any standard cotton towel

  • Double-sided dual-color pads

    (you can flip the pads to use a new clean towel surface)

  • Pads are machine washable (detach from vinyl shell before machine washing)

  • Use different pads for bowling ball maintenance (Polishing, Cleaning, Removing oil).

  • (NEW) You can attach an abralon sanding pad to the vinyl shell to resurface your bowling ball


Microfiber Material: Polyester/Polyamide blend
Hand shell material: 4-way Stretch glove secured to 2-layer heavy duty vinyl with hooking fabric to accept towel pads and abralon pads.


The microfiber pads are machine/hand washable and dryer safe
(You must remove the pads from the hand base shell before washing and drying)
The vinyl Shell is not washable.

Remember to order replacement towel pads with your TurboPad II™ for maximum benefit

  • Use one during bowling to remove lane oil from your bowling ball
  • Use one when cleaning your bowling ball with your USBC approved ball cleaner
  • Use one when polishing your bowling ball with your USBC approved polishes
  • Use one when sanding your bowling ball with abralon sanding pads

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