The Shield™ Line

Do you have more bowling balls than bowling bags?  Don't just pile them on the floor!
Our Shield™ line is the perfect choice for organizing and protecting your bowling ball arsenal.



You now have a choice of 3 product lines:

1.  Three Ball Combo (Double and Single Unit) - ONLY $35
     - With 3 Free Bowling Ball Rings (The RING)

2.  Two Ball Unit (Double Unit) - ONLY $24
     - With 2 Free Bowling Ball Rings (The RING)

3.  Single Ball Unit (Single Unit) - ONLY $14
     - With 1 Free Bowling Ball Ring (The RING)


  • Single Unit: 9" Dia X 10"
  • Double Unit: 18" X 9" X 10" (approx.)
  • Heavy duty vinyl with reinforced stitching

Available color themes: Red or Blue


For a limited time, order our Special Edition


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We are currently shipping only in the USA



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