The Shield™ Line

Do you have more bowling balls than bowling bags?  Don't just pile them on the floor!
Our Shield™ line is the perfect choice for organizing and protecting your bowling ball arsenal.



You now have a choice of 3 product lines:

1.  Three Ball Combo (Double and Single Unit) - ONLY $35
     - With 3 Free Bowling Ball Rings (The RING)

2.  Two Ball Unit (Double Unit) - ONLY $24
     - With 2 Free Bowling Ball Rings (The RING)

3.  Single Ball Unit (Single Unit) - ONLY $14
     - With 1 Free Bowling Ball Ring (The RING)


  • Single Unit: 9" Dia X 10"
  • Double Unit: 18" X 9" X 10" (approx.)
  • Heavy duty vinyl with reinforced stitching

Available color themes: Red or Blue


For a limited time, order our Special Edition

Special Notice about international shipping:

Due to the increase in shipping cost for international shipping, we will not be able to provide shipping of our products outside the United States.  Please contact us via email if you have any questions.

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