NEW CBS Reversible Power Sleeves

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Now you can have "Two sleeves for the price of one"!

Each sleeve is double sided.  One side is our standard Core Black color and the secondary side is the color of your choice!



You can select Black Widow as your secondary color giving you the choice of wearing the Core Black color or the Black Widow color!




Choose your secondary color!



Matching Power Finger Grips (PFGs) Available!!!

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What does a bowling sleeve do?

There is no single answer. There are medical, regulatory, and even ritualistic reasons for wearing bowling sleeves.

Bowling sleeves are used to enhance the level of athletic play. The advantages of wearing a bowling sleeve include injury prevention and elbow/arm protection, sweat wicking abilities, covering of tattoos, and pure confidence boosting.

Bowling sleeves became prominent in bowling with stars like Chris Barnes, and Jason Belmonte sporting the new look.

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  • Three sizes (M, L, XL): See chart below
  • Dual layer - 85/15 nylon and 4-way stretch fabric
  • 15" in Length (approx)
  • bicep non-slip technology
  • PFGs 10pk contents (2 Medium, 4 Large & 4 X-Large)

Sold individually.  Fits left or right arm

  Care Instructions:

Hand wash in cold water, mild detergent and line dry. Do not bleach, iron or dry clean. The bright shiny color finish may fade after wear and washing.


 Power Sleeve Testimonies:

JB: It's to make you look cool

MSD: I have one that I won on a facebook contest.  It keeps my arm relaxed and when I'm done even if I'm shooting say 6 games or so my arm doesn't fell tired.

DS: Keeps the tendons in the elbow warm and loose.  I have one for long tournament formats.

RD:  I've been using one for a year Phoenix and it seems to help keep my arm warmed up and relieve some stress. I know a lot of people joke about them but they do exactly what they were intended to do.

MM: Scientific explanation: It increases blood flow.  Real life explanation: It makes you look cool.  Like smoking and stuff.

LP: Makes you look like a pro.

JM: Intimidation is half the battle.

KK: Makes you look cool if you have a logo on it.

JD: I use one, it helps my elbow stay warm honestly.  I cant bowl without it.  I log the power sleeve even though people bash ya for it.

CI: I use one on my non bowling arm to help with the arthritis in my elbow.

JH: I will admit I thought it was the stupidest thing I had ever seen until I was give a sample one from Hammer and I wear it religously now.  Keeps everything warm especially if you are moving pairs and have to wait in between games.  I will definitely be wearing one for a while.