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You will now be able have all the necessary information for your bowling experience at your fingertips!  You can store The CBS Digital Survival Kit on your Smartphone, Tablet or Computer.  Your Digital Survival Kit contains the following:

1.     Hand Grip Overview (6 hand positions for fine adjustments on ball delivery

2.     CBS Strategizer view of the lane with break point symbols

3.     Lane play strategies for oil patterns of 32 to 47 ft.

  • Direct line strategies
  • Down and In strategies
  • Inside line strategies

4.     Ball Selection Cube - Select the properties for your next bowling ball

  • Choose your RG (for Heavy, Medium or Dry conditions)
  • Choose your RG Diff (for Low Flare to High Flare potential)
  • Choose your Surface (Low friction - high friction based on sanding and polishing)

5.     Ball Drilling Recommendations
(Skid Potential Rates, Hook to Roll Transition Rates

  • Short Oil Patterns Drilling Recommendations
  • Medium Oil Patterns Drilling Recommendations
  • Long Oil Patterns Drilling Recommendations


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CBS Digital Survival Kit
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