CBS Scented GripSak™

Twin Pack $20.99


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Our uniquely scented GripSak™ is perfect for keeping your hands dry while bowling. It ensures a secure grip for each delivery and fits comfortably in your hand. Each scented GripSak™ has a distinct fragrance. See if you can guess the fragrance. Is it lemon, apple, cherry, etc.?! You will also find our gripping resin lasts longer than our competitors. Order your Scented GripSaks TODAY!!!



- Spandex/Lycra fabric
- Control-release hand-drying resin
- Assorted fragrance (ex. Lemon, Cherry, Orange, Apple, etc.)
- Weight:  8 oz. (approx.)
- Dimensions: 3.5" X 5" (approx.)
- Strong reinforced stitching

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Assorted Fragrance