CBS Bowling Survival Kit™

CBS Bowling Survival Kit™

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CBS Bowling Survival Kit

The CBS Bowling Survival Kit is packed with everything you need to reach your personal best in bowling. 

Every bowler, no matter your skill level, must have this in your bag for every event (Practice, League or Tournament).




One of the most valuable items inside is our Tactical Oil Pattern Strategy (T.O.P.S) for oil pattern lengths from 32 feet to 47 feet.

You can now match-up your equipment with any oil pattern length using the recommended strategies.  Direct line, Down & In or Inside.  We have it listed for you! 

No more guessing on how to hit the pocket with your equipment.



  • T.O.P.S (Tactical Oil Pattern Strategy) - 32' to 47 feet lane play solutions
  • Hand Grip Overview (for fine-tuned adjustments)
  • Mini CBS Strategizer (helps you develop new strategies)
  • Bowling Ball Selector Cube (helps you select the right ball for specific lane conditions)
  • Drilling Layout Selector guide (helps you determine the best desired bowling ball layout)
  • Personal Game Tracker (helps you track your progress on the lanes)
  • My Arsenal (Now you can track up to 16 bowling balls in your arsenal including layouts)