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Bowing Release Coach
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Based on requests from our customers, our design team has been working on a new tool to help bowlers with their bowling preparation routines during practice, warm-ups and actual play.  As a result, we are happy to release our latest product the CBS Bowling Release Coach (acronym pronouced “The CBS BRiCk”).  Just as golfers have tools to help with their game on and off the Links, now bowlers have their own tool to use on and off the lanes.  The CBS Bowling Release Coach can be used by all bowling skill levels (beginners, intermediate and advanced).

In preparation for any bowling event (practice, league or tournament), it is important for you to perform your warm up drills.  The CBS Bowling Release Coach is the perfect tool to help with your warm-up drills.  It will assist with your approach, delivery, swing, launch angle and release techniques.  Bowling pros and coaches will tell you that to achieve repeatable shots it is important at the release point for you to have consistent speed, launch angles and axis tilt.  You must burn this image in your mind before you walk up to the approach.  You can achieve this by using your CBS Bowling Release Coach.

As mentioned, the CBS Bowling Release Coach can be used by all skill levels (beginners, intermediate and advanced).  At the beginners level, it can be used to demonstrate proper hand positioning during the delivery and release at the approach without the use of a bowling ball.  This can be practiced at home or in the sitting area of the bowling alley before executing the steps on the lanes.  This is great for bowling coaches to provide to his/her bowlers.

For the intermediate and advanced bowlers it can be used similarly as the beginners.  It can also be used during warmups for league and tournaments when you will want to walk on the lane to simulate your shot without your bowling ball.  You can use the CBS Bowing Release Coach to practice your various hand positions without putting additional stress on your shoulder, arm and hand.  Once you have mentally processed your hand positions for your launch angles and axis tilts you will be ready.  Even while you are waiting for your turn on the lanes, you can still use your CBS Bowling Release Coach to prepare for your next shot if you need to make adjustments to your hand position.

The CBS Bowling Release Coach was designed to fit comfortably in your hand.  The length is the same as the diameter of a bowling ball.  This design is to give you similar spacing during your arm swing as when using a bowling ball.  There is a support strap attached to secure it to your hand when practicing your release. 

Note:  We recommended you use the support straps at all times to prevent it from flying out of your hand unexpected.

The CBS Bowling Release Coach is hand-crafted and constructed in the USA.  It is constructed of a strong polyvinyl core wrapped with heavy duty vinyl with reinforced stitching for durability and longevity. We have three colors available (Black, Red and Blue)



  • Length: 9.67”
  • Diameter: 2.23”
  • Material: Polyvinyl core wrapped with heavy-duty vinyl