Bowling Secrets Revealed


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What’s covered in this book?

This book will provide you with the necessary techniques needed to achieve bowling scores above 200 consistently.  It will illustrate easy-to-follow techniques on hitting strikes consistently regardless of the lane condition and provide solid techniques on how to achieve higher spare conversion rates successfully. 

  •  Over 150 pages of techniques and information on how to score over 200 on ANY lane condition consistently.
  • Actual solutions on how to convert over 100 spares.
  • 4 tested strategies on how to accurately hit the pocket consistently for strikes!
 After reading this book you will be a more confident player because you will have the knowledge of the techniques required to improve your bowling game.
This is a book that every bowler must have in his/her bag!!!





Techniques from the book on spare conversions

Techniques from the book on strike executions

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 Illustration of TACT from Book.  Crucial diagram to know how to use.