Bowling Ball Maintenance

Proper Bowling Ball Maintenance

With the proper ball maintenance, your bowling ball(s) can live a very long life.  You will also be able to perform more consistently at your bowling events.

Ball Maintenance Schedule (BMS)

            Before each throw:

Wipe off any oil that collected on your ball from the last throw with a micro-fiber towel or a 100% plush cotton towel.  Without cleaning your bowling ball every time you use it, the bowling ball will have less traction in the oil, thereby creating less hook or to seem dead.


Every 6 – 9 games:

If you’ve been bowling on dry conditions, heat and friction will make your ball surface stickier than normal and it will hook more than you’re accustomed. Conversely, if you’ve been bowling on wet lanes, the oil gets into the ball surface and takes away its hooking ability.  You should clean and/or polish your bowling ball with a USBC certified bowling ball cleaner/polisher appropriate for your bowling ball.  Check with your pro shop.


Every 60 - 90 games:

Bowling balls eventually will need to be resurfaced when used regularly to remove dents and deep scratches.  You should consider taking your ball to your pro shop for resurfacing after 60-90 games.  The reaction of the ball will stay more consistent this way.